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HaHa Glass "Frozen Flame" Water Pipe

HaHa Glass "Frozen Flame" Water Pipe

$ 850.00

Let your smoke billow in this otherworldly pipe.

Becky Beardsley, also known as HaHa Glass, brings us yet another twirling wonder with this "Frozen Flame" water pipe.  Accented with dragon's blood and blue cheese colored glass, the intricacies of this piece make it not just collector's item but a beautiful centerpiece for your coffee table.  The joint on this piece is a 90 degree and 14.5mm female banger hanger with a diffused downstem, and comes with a matching male bowl with a spiral purple accent.  The winding paths your smoke will take through this piece will get you some seriously smooth hits, solidifying its place as the perfect home artifact.

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