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Torch Art Warranty

Your Torch Art includes a Limited Lifetime Warranty on the mechanical function of the torch.This warranty covers failure on mechanical parts only, under normal use, and excludes damages resulting from misuse, tampering and abuse of the torch. This warranty does not apply to any outer case finish on the torch or any artwork adhered to the torch. Proof of purchase is required to receive warranty service. The warranty only covers the duration of the lifetime of the original product purchased.

If you would like to send your torch in for repair, please include a note with the information listed below, inside of a small USPS flat rate box, with your torch. Typically we will repair or replace your torch within 3-5 business days and then mail it back to you. It is extremely important that you include a note with your torch, or else we will not be able to return it to you.


1. First and Last Name

2. Complete Shipping Address (make sure to include any unit or apartment numbers)

3. Proof of purchase (a receipt from your transaction, or the tab on the packaging)

4. 1-2 Alternate Torch Art designs based on what we have available on our website. In the event that we cannot repair your torch, we will replace it with a new one. Since each torch design is limited edition, there is a chance we will be sold out of the design you are returning. If you list an alternate design, we will replace it with this alternate in the event we are sold out of your torch design and cannot repair it.

Include torch and note in a small USPS flat rate box (this automatically will include $50 of insurance and tracking for you) and mail it to our warehouse at the address below:

Smoke Cartel

Attn: ErrlyBird Warranty

1313 Rogers St.

Savannah GA 31415