Storz and Bickel Classic Volcano Analog Tabletop Vaporizer

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Brand: Storz and Bickel


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Advanced vaporization right from your coffee table.

The Classic Volcano from Storz & Bickel is a highly advanced table top vaporizer that can heat your dry herbs from 226 degrees to 446 degrees Fahrenheit.  The Volcano vaporizes dry herbs and circulates the active ingredients into a plastic balloon, which can then be removed and inhaled.

There are two options for included balloons: the easy valve balloon set, which includes 5 beginner-level balloons, or the solid valve balloon set, which includes a single mouthpiece and customizable balloon sizes.  Each balloon can be used between 50-100 times, and maintenance is a breeze with the included dry herb grinder, filling chamber, and cleaning brush.  The Volcano is for the most badass smoking connoisseur who's looking for consistently luxurious sessions right from their home.