Recyclers are a popular type of dab rig that "recycles" the water throughout the pipes' different chambers. The water and smoke move from one chamber to the next and then back to the first chamber, which provides a nonstop loop of diffusion and filtration, hence the term recycler.


This beautifully designed "Hammerhead" Recycler is an external recycler, meaning that the filtration and percolation is done outside...
An uniquely designed pipe for you to relax with. Made from clear quality borosilicate glass 14.5mm or 10mm...
Called "The Infinity Loop" and made by the prestigious GlassHeads this dab rig is an internal recycler with a Showerhead Perc...
Like sands through the hourglass, so are the seshes of our lives... The "Hourglass" Diffused Downstem Recycler is...
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