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Brand: ErrlyBird

Product Code: EBTA-SOB

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Normally $ 68.99 $ 65.71 40.33
Torch Art is a line of butane torches brought to you by ErrlyBird, featuring limited-edition high-quality prints of original artwork created specifically for the torches. Torch Art is a high-performance butane torch and carries a 3 month limited warranty. This torch features our Quik-Fire ignition system, making it easy to use with one hand. You can lock the flame in place, and adjust the flame size, using the levers on the side of the torch. This torch reaches temperatures up to 2700 degrees Fahrenheit.

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Douglas A.
United States United States
Torch Replacement

Excellent!! Could not have been better!!

Landon c.
United States United States


Landon c.
United States United States

These people have made the simple mistake of putting the wrong numbers for my address 3 TIMES! It has turned a one week return into a month return. Beyond ridiculous. Wack

Dustin O.
Going downhill...

I use to only use errlybird torches as they had a great product(flame size, designs, etc.) and of course the lifetime warranty is amazing but it's a pricey torch so all fair. The problem now is that the torch quality is not worth the price, flame size is smaller than a cheaper torch, designs are all catered to women it seems now or just overly generic. The base they gave me appears used and will not even fit the torch itself. Hopefully the company changes but I'll never use my warranty again. BUYER BEWARE!

Robert N.
United States
Keep ur old torch, dont trade it in

I sent in my torch I had purchased about 1 yr ago, it had original artwork and was signed by artist. When it broke I dealt w it for way longer than I should've cause it looked cool and the flame worked well. When I sent it in to get repaired they said I had to choose from 1 of there new designs (all very feminine). I asked for a different style torch but they would budge. I got the new torch and its horrible with a weak flame. I WILL NVR DEAL WITH THIS COMPANY AGAIN