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Todd Herremans is the Latest NFL Player to Publicly Discuss his Marijuana Use

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Former Philadelphia Eagles lineman Todd Herremans is the latest NFL player to come out and discuss his use of marijuana during the years he spent playing football. Throughout his 11-year career playing for the Philadelphia Eagles and Indianapolis Colts, Todd claims he used marijuana with no regularity, mostly to help him sleep.

“Here and there if the season got really bad or I got really sore then I would use it sometimes for pain management,” he said in an interview about his marijuana use. “But, most of the time I would use just to kind of wind down and help me fall asleep at night.” What’s interesting about Todd using marijuana while in the league is that it wasn’t even much of a secret despite pot being a banned substance; he tested positive three times, and went through the treatment and monitoring programs required by the NFL.

Opiate use among players was another reason why he chose to turn to marijuana. “I saw a lot of friends of mine throughout the years that I played that would end up with opiate addictions and it was kind of a scary thing.” The opioid epidemic is part of what encouraged Todd to support Doctors for Cannabis Regulation, a campaign encouraging the NFL to consider marijuana as a less addictive form of pain management and recovery for players.

Doctors for Cannabis Regulation founder Dr. David Nathan recently wrote a letter to the NFL encouraging them to change their stance on marijuana. In response, the NFL Player’s Association pledged $100 million to research anything and everything it can to help protect its players and provide them with the best care, even if that includes marijuana. This is a welcome response for many current and retired players, many of whom remain silent about their use to avoid fines or contract violations with the league. Todd Herremans is one of them.

“I tend to be more of a natural-minded person,” he says. “Just because Big Pharma tells me it’s going to solve my problem, I don’t believe them necessarily.”

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